Foundation of Benetice

The founder of Benetice is Beňata; the village name is derived from the founder's name. Originally, the village was situated in the southeast direction of the present village, near the brook opposite the forester's lodge. This location is confirmed by the finding of ceramic fragments. These fragments are similar to fragments which have been found in the castle Lipnice and castle Orlík near Humpolec, so they can be originated from 15th to 16th century. Benetice has been a part of the Světlá domain since its foundation, so their history is joint.

Municipal government

Pergunnahs were estabilished in 1850 and Benetice fell within the activity area of political pergunnah and jurisdiction office in Ledeč nad Sázavou. The municipal office in Benetice was estabilished in the same year. Villages Opatovice and Žebrákov fell within the activity area of this municipal office. Opatovice disaffiliated in 1931. The municipal office was disestabilished in 1960 and Benetice fell within the activity area of municipal office in Mrzkovice. The village became a part of town Světlá nad Sázavou in 1980.


The building of the very first road connecting the towns Světlá nad Sázavou and Ledeč nad Sázavou was started in 1836 and it was finished in 1848. The road has been led through Benetice. The present road leading through Mrzkovice was ended as a fieldpath in Leštinka.

The road was asphalted in 1971, the buses started to go to Benetice next year.

Glass factory

Vít Schindler founded the glass factory probably in 1752 after the forest calamity. It was probably the very first glass factory built in the Světlá nad Sázavou neighbourhood, so it was the reason that it was called Světelská glass factory (in Czech: Světelská huť). No older glass factory has been documented yet.

Vít Schindler ran the glass factory until 1752. His son Josef Schindler ran the glass factory until 1767. František Schindler was the glass factory entrepreneur until 1769. The next documented entrepreneur was Jan Hoffmann since 1773. 58 people worked in the glass factory when Jan Hoffmann had been the entrepreneur. Jan Hoffmann's wife managed the glass factory after that Jan Hoffmann had died. She remarried in 1786, her second husband was glassmaster František Seewald from Rozsochatec. He became a glass factory manager later. 25 glassmakers (8 to 9 journeymen, 1 to 2 apprentices) worked in the glass factory when the glass factory was managed by František Seewald. The glass products were provided to the company Fischer Kittel from Polevsko. The glass factory was abolished after that František Seewald left the glass factory in Benetice and moved to the glass factory in Chraňbož.

The glass factory was built next to the path to Pavlov originaly and it was moved to the place near the pond under the forester's lodge in 1753. The glass factory was well equipped, it had its own pond and some houses were a part of the glass factory. The glass factory produced drinking glass sets mainly, most of them were given for export.

The glass factory does not exist anymore, but some local names of places are derived from the glass factory parts as names Na sušírnách or Sklárenský rybník.

United co-operative farm

The united co-operative farm was founded after persuading of peasants in 1958. The balks were ploughed in the same year and the collective farming was started next year. The co-operative farm was consolidated with co-operative farm Pokrok in Mrzkovice later. The consolidated co-operative farm was joined to co-operative farm JZD Nové Lány in Světlá nad Sázavou in 1975. Most of fields and meadows were returned to their original owners in 1989.

Forester's lodge

The original forester's lodge has not been hanged over. New forester's lodge was built at the place of original forester's lodge in 1832.

The pioneer camp was built opposite the forester's lodge and the forester's lodge became a part of the pioneer camp. The pioneer camp was used as a recreation camp later. A swimming pool was built here. The owner of the recreation camp was the company Obila from Kutná Hora until 2006. The company sold the recreation camp to the family from the Netherlands in 2006.

Life in Benetice

There was no school in Benetice, so children went to school in Pavlov which was estabilished in 1777. They have gone to school in Světlá nad Sázavou since the end of World War II.

The glass industry is not the only industry that the history of Benetice is connected to. The next industry that influenced the Benetice history was the raising and processing of granite. There were some stone pits, the most important of them was the stone pit Horka. The raising of granite in bigger quantities started after the building of railway lines had started especially when the line from Kolín to Jihlava between years 1860 and 1871 and the line from Kácov to Světlá nad Sázavou between years 1901 and 1903 were built.

The buildings in Benetice were made from the wood until recently. It caused a destructive fire. One of the fires occured on the 29th of November 1936 that destroyed four houses including ale-house "U Pejcharů". Some farm buildings were destroyed also. The fire was extinguished by fire squads from surrounding villages.

The next significant event in Benetice was electrification of Benetice in 1956. The celebration was organized, one of the celebration events was kerosene lamp burying. Almost all of Benetice inhabbitants attended the celebration.

Living in Benetice was good but it was not simple. The fields were not be so fruitful and they were not easy to till. Even at the time, when the people were not in good shape and lived destitute, they tried to help to others. Solidarity and the desire to help others are characteristics which characterize people living in Benetice to date.

History of village name

  • 1375 - Beneczicze
  • 1787 - Benetitz

History in dates

  • 1375 - the first written mention of Benetice,
  • 1591 - the village is mentioned to this date in Paměti města Světlé from Ehrenberg, it is mentioned to 1848 in the same publication later.
  • 1742 - foundation of glass factory by Vít Schindler,
  • 1752 - Josef Schindler became the entrepreneur of the glass factory,
  • 1753 - glass factory was moved to new place,
  • 1767 - 1769 - František Schindler became the entrepreneur of the glass factory,
  • 1773 - Jan Hoffmann became the entrepreneur of the glass factory,
  • 1786 - František Seewald began to manage the glass factory,
  • 1794 - leaving of František Seewalds and abolishing of glass factory,
  • 1832 - building of new forester's lodge,
  • 1836 - begining of building of the road connecting towns Světlá nad Sázavou and Ledeč nad Sázavou,
  • 1848 - finalization of building of the road connecting towns Světlá nad Sázavou and Ledeč nad Sázavou,
  • 1850 - establishment of municipal office in Benetice (habitations Opatovice and Žebrákov falled withing activity area of this municipal office),
  • 1869 - population census, 136 people were living in Benetice,
  • 1916 - withdrawal of bell from belfry for militant purposes,
  • 1931 - disaffiliation of Opatovic,
  • 1936 - conflagration which destroyed four houses including ale-house,
  • 1956 - electrification of Benetice,
  • 1958 - united co-operative farm foundation,
  • 1960 - disestablishment of municipal office in Benetice, Benetice falled within activity area of municipal office in Mrzkovice,
  • 1971 - sheet laying of road connecting towns Světlá nad Sázavou and Ledeč nad Sázavou,
  • 1972 - begining of regular bus transportation,
  • 1975 - join of co-operative farms in Benetice and Mrzkovice with co-operative farm JZD Nové lány in Světlá nad Sázavou,
  • 1980 - Benetice has been a part of Světlá nad Sázavou,
  • 1989 - fields and meadows have been returned to their original owners,
  • 2000 - new belfry sanctification.

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